The Sheltering - Wall

architect Han Tümertekin
project Sm House, Canakkale, Turska
written by Tanslel Korkmaz


The SM house is a vacation house situated in a small village, Büyükhusun, on the Aegean cost in Turkey. Situated on a hill top, Büyükhusun is an ideal place of retreat, offering tranquility, mild climate and a pastoral setting. This particular location endows the village houses with a fascinating bird’s-eye view on the virgin landscape below: the soothing green of the olive and almond trees meets the vast blue of the sea. While this idyllic scene promises a sense of serenity and timelessness, to view it from the top of the hill, i.e. from a vast and empty space prompts a mood of the sublime. This inspiring atmosphere reminds you that the Aegean coast was once the native land of Classical culture, which conceived of architecture basically as poiesis, i.e. unconcealment.