Interior for the Coffee Aficionados

architects Superform
project Coffe-bar "Aroma", Maribor, Slovenia
written by Matevž Čelik


When it comes to the interior design of catering facilities, after the ubiquitous “brass and marble” era, all sorts of things have been tried and done. Designers have taken all possible liberties: from nouveau richness with gilded panels and animal prints to white minimalism adventures. The new coffee bar in the middle of the old city centre of Maribor displays wallpapers made of photographs of enlarged nature scenes, deep wavy relief grooves all over the walls and ceiling, nature growing out of the bar counter in the form of exotic flowers. However, all the designer’s interventions made in this small space do not seem too contemporary. It is difficult to shake off the feeling that the geometric design and print of these natural growths remind us of the patterns which were used by art nouveau decorators over a hundred years ago.