Under the Valut of Heaven

architect Branko Rebek
project Funeral Facilities, Mengeš, Slovenia
written by Maruša Zorec


Farewell buildings are a frequent theme of architectural investigations. They show us how civilization relates to the world, nature, to being in general. Plečnik’s Žale is a city of the dead, where we enter a self-contained world of new interpretations of architectural classics to feel time and transience. From the tumuli, classical Greece, till our time. This makes us sense the dimension of eternity.


The idea of farewell buildings depends on the concept of the graveyard. There is an almost classic image of a Slovenian graveyard surrounded by wall with a small house attached to it. The farewell building indicates its content by its position on the wall, at the border between life and death, between the exterior and interior of the graveyard.