The Production Between Icon and Atmosphere

architects Jurij Sadar, Boštjan Vuga
interviewed by Tadej Glažar, Vera Grimmer, Maja Vardjan


The Slovenia pavilion, located far from the central events in the Arsenale or Giardini where most of the national selections are taking place at this year's 10th Biennale of Architecture in Venice, is holding an exhibition titled Formula New Ljubljana. The exhibition with its meaningful title shows the architectural projects and realizations of the Sadar Vuga Architects studio, a studio which is far from the marginal on the Slovenian architectural scene. Of course, their excellent PR which sometimes creates a star image has contributed to this situation. The 10th anniversary of SVA studio shows a constant search for different position and research in architecture. This position requires taking on a responsibility which is the consequence of any experiment, especially if it is a built structure in real space and time, exposed daily to the public eye.


ORIS — At the 10th Venice Biennale of Architecture you are presenting the projects of the architectural studio Sadar Vuga Architects with the exhibition Formula New Ljubljana. What does the medium of exhibition mean to you in presenting your work? Can you expain the concept of your exhibition in Venice?


Vuga —  The Venice exhibition Formula New Ljubljana, which represented Slovenia this year at the 10th International Biennale of Architecture, was supposed to be the exhibition that related this year's Biennale theme and the 10th anniversary of our studio. As such, the exhibition is the summary of the studio's production, while its concept is related to Formula New Ljubljana, which as a process should provide for the news spirit of Ljubljana as a dynamic city of change, a city with the addition of the first layer of the 21st century. The exhibition is both retrospective and pointing out tendencies. Moreover, the layout of the exhibition was designed as an analogy to the classical museums' layouts; it is about flirting with the layout of the Hermitage and transferring such manner into gallery space.