Architecture of Anxiety, Architecture of Emotion

architect Helena Paver Njirić
project New Permanent Exibition - Memorial Museum of the Jasenovac Memorial Area, Jasenovac, Croatia
written by Idis Turato


The sense of anguish and discomfort that seized me when Helena asked me if I would write a piece on the exhibition at Jasenovac, instinctively pushed me into agreeing without thinking about this not very pleasant and in essence (at least for me) unwanted task. But neither is it good to turn one’s head away from this terrifying theme or reckless pondering and from reviewing the various layers and hallways of that time/space/moment. This task requires exceptional concentration and sharpness in focusing on the theme. Not an hour or a day has gone by while thinking about and writing this text that I have not felt at least for a brief moment every day and night a strange mixture of different emotions.