Baks - Rent a Box

architects M. Hanžek, D. Marasović, J. Pevec-Pale, R. Brkić
project The Office Building from "Baks grupa", Zagreb, Croatia
written by Ante Nikša Bilić


The legibility of corporative architecture happens on multiple levels. The simplified linguistics of office buildings lacks the aesthetic component and as such, it is perceived by theoreticians as a pedestal for capital. What actually characterizes it is a lack of communication with the existing, or better put, the instantly found space and its standard of com­pa­rison; and also commitment to the newly built infrastructure. 


The office building by Baks Grupa emerged on the outskirts of Novi Zagreb area, by Većeslav Holjevac Street which will denote its promotion to an avenue by expanding further towards the south, in other words towards Zagreb airport.