Enterprising Spirit at the End of the City

architect Davor Senečić
project Business Center Vipnet, Zagreb, Croatia
written by Nenad Kondža


I heard the story that VIP’s new building in Zagreb is equipped with all the bells and whistles, but it is at the end of town where you think the streets don’t have names. Since I like to read town maps, read street names and follow street lines trying to understand the town or the buildings from their matrix, I looked up the address Vrtni Put (Garden Way). I knew I could get there via Radnička (Worker’s) Street. My curiosity grew even greater when I zoomed the map taking a better look at the matrix of the neighbourhood. Street names popped up. Follow Radnička (Worker’s) to Vrtni (Garden), going past Poduzetnička, Trgovačka, Obrtnička, Majstorska, Šegrtska (Entrepreneur’s, Tradesman’s, Craftsman’s, Master’s, Apprentice’s Streets).