Frozen Light In the Suburbs of Celje

architects Matjaž Gril, Marjan Zupanc
project "Marines" Business - Warehouse Building, Celje, Slovenia
written by Miha Dešman


In the last couple of years Celje has developed faster than any other Slovenian town in all aspects. This progress is also reflected in new architecture, as a result of which Celje has become a destination for architecturally enthusiastic tourists. From the series of first rate realizations according to Slovene standards, one should mention Nande Korpnik’s family house in Griže, which represented the turning of a new page of Slovene architecture during the 1990s, together with his recent project of the square Trg Celjskih Knezova and the Maximilian residential/office building. Also, there’s work of the Krušec architectural couple (Lena Krušec from Ljubljana and Tomaž Krušec from Celje): the Glazija residential-office building in Ljubljanska Street and the new Celjska Koča (Celje mountain hut).