Glittering Invisibility

architects Enota
project Hotel "Sotelia", Podčetrtek, Slovenia
written by Maja Vardjan


Podčetrtek, a town in eastern Slovenia famous for its healing thermal springs, offers an unusual welcome at night. A weary traveller is greeted by two glowing hot, undefined (architectural) structures. The first, by the road, resembles a kind of frame designed for the lively, colourful play of light; while the other, placed higher, under the hill, is lit in quieter tones.


The warm yellow light is inviting and you’re lured into a sensuous atmosphere which acquires the outlines of a hotel lobby as you enter. Inside the building, which is not yet to be fully taken in by the visitor, the world is restricted to a luminous entrance, a cosy and relaxed lobby, discreetly lit corridors and finally – the silent calm of the room.