Student's Dwelling

architects Bevk Perović arhitekti
project Student Housing, Ljubljana, Slovenia
written by Tadej Glažar


Anyone who has ever had the chance to be a student considers that period of his or her life special. Although students are away from home, that spatial distance is exactly what helps young people to acquire more self-esteem and become more independent. The space in which we live is a substantial and influential element of our personal development, among many reasons because of the ability to engage in socially rich interaction. The spatial context which fits that kind of interaction is present in the architectural realization of the new student housing building in Poljanska Street in Ljubljana, by the architectural office of Bevk Perovi} Arhitekti. This student residence sits in the area of the city dominated by education programmes, only a 10-minute walk along the River Ljubljanica from Ple~nik’s Tromostovje in the city centre.