More for Less: The Crater of Knowledge

architect Martín Lejárraga
project Public Library and Reading Parc, Torre Pacheco, Spain
written by Carmen Espegel


This project is a result of a boldness that helps today to create a city with architecture, that gives shape to the space that significantly differs from the one proposed by the most boring of urban plans that created one identical suburb over and over throughout the cities of 21st century Spain.


In times of great formalist gestures, in an environment without character, Martín Lejárraga proposed to build a library without image, non-existent, a mirage.


He designed La Biblioteca Municipal de Torre Pacheco, a town library as a public building that does not want to be seen. It is located below the park in the open, inviting you to come and play, read, learn, play sports or have a chance meeting.