Architecture and "My Country"

architects Enota
project Termalija, Termal Resort, Podčetrtek, Slovenia
written by Matevž Čelik


In the last few years, tourism in Europe has recognized itself to be a fairly problematic economic activity, which is in constant danger of devouring itself. Searching for the right relation between nature and man – between the given and the created – is what rather traumatically preoccupies the majority of debates about the development of this domain. The tourist product is a combination of panorama and services. Nevertheless, for the development of the latter a defined infrastructure is necessary which could have, on the other hand, undesirable consequences for the panorama. The country on the “sunny side of the Alps” has been fervently struggling, back as far as its well-known campaign “Slovenia, My Country”, to join the list of the most interesting of world tourist destinations. The main problem continues to be a recognizable identity, so that marketing even in its most recent efforts leans above all to nature for capturing the tourist market.