Role of Architecture as Medium

authors Damir Fabijanić, Dalibor Martinis, Studio 3LHD
project Croatian Pavilion on World Exposition - EXPO 05, Aichi, Japan
written by Yasuaki Tanago


When it was decided at the general meeting of the Bureau International des Expositions (International Exhibitions Bureau) in 1997 that the first Expo of the 21st century was to be held in Aichi Prefecture, the Japan Association for the 2005 World Exposition (Japan Expo) planned to clear Kaisho Forest for the Expo site but they had to consider the effect on the natural environment. Kaisho Forest is known as a nesting area for the goshawk, an endangered species, and so the Japan Expo was of great concern not only to local residents but also environmentalists. As a result the Japan Expo was forced to move out of Kaisho Forest.