Schwarzenberg 03

architect Wolfgang Tschapeller
project Hotel Schwarzenberg, Competition Project, Vienna, Austria
written by Rainer Bezier


The Botanical Garden, the Belvedere Palace Garden, the Kammergarten and the Schwarzenberg Palace Garden join in the very center of Vienna into one of the biggest integral historical green spaces in Europe. The gardens and the palaces can be visited. A visitor to the museums of the Upper and Lower Belvedere will perhaps spend a few hours there. You cannot touch a thing. Everything is a part of history. After a couple of garden fences, one comes to the Schwarzenberg Palace. The visitor stays longer there. Sometimes for days or weeks. You can touch everything, as the historical yields to the continuity of economic thinking, efficiency and usability. The building of Schwarzenberg Palace, first designed by Lukas von Hildebrand and then finished by Johann Fischer von Erlach, has been successfully run as a five-star hotel for a long time, providing the opportunity to reside in the indeterminacy of the rooms without any specific programming and to spend time in the wonderful garden. For days or weeks. As a guest.