Apotheosis of the Skyscraper: a Paradox of Urbanism in Croatia?

written by Srećko Horvat


Not long ago, on the stretch between Zagreb’s Humboldtova ulica and the Goethe Institute in the direction of the British Embassy, a passer-by could see an old woman – surrounded by mighty edifices, asphalt and exhaust – heading with a bucket or a plastic can to fetch water at a pump on the street corner. This will probably change when the construction of a new skyscraper called Eurotower is done at the intersection of Ulica Ivana Lučića and the south side of Vukovarska avenija. If the old woman defiantly decides to live a bit longer, this tower will only deepen the contrast which betrays current trends in urban development in Croatia. The key issue addressed in this essay is whether tower and skyscraper building is “not only a new trend, but also a symptomatic indication of the state of our society”?