Landscape and Urbanism - Between Control and Laissez-faire

written by Stefan Kurath




At an early stage, our urban development project for Las Palmas showed representatively for the contemporary European city that, in order to do justice to the history of the European city, any current, practical and intellectual discourse must include the subject of landscape in urbanism. Therefore we recovered according to Aldo Rossi Landscape as new urban Typology, as a conceptual tool in Urbanism. (ill.1)


What most people understand landscape to mean in no way corresponds to the reality of today’s sprawl of the post-urban condition. We have lost touch with our everyday surroundings. 


In order to be able to confront this state of affairs and understand the post-urban condition, we architects, landscape architects and urban planners must look for new concepts which are adapted to the situation. Some ideas on this are described in the following pages.