Rusty Megaliths

architects Koraljka Brebrić, Mirko Buvinić, Maja Furlan Zimmerman, Siniša Glušica, Sabina Majdandžić
project Memorial Monument to the Homeland War Heroes and Victims, Osijek, Croatia
written by Goran Rako


The construction of this modern urban sign in the memory of the victims of war - which still has not ended for some - demonstrated that the city of Osijek was rather courageous and had a high level of responsibility. If nothing else, there was a risk that the erection of such a monument would initiate the incoherent polemics usually associated with similar events and full of instructions for additions to make it “our” monument. Such polemicists probably cannot see anything else in Michelangelo’s David but the stone limbs and probably cannot understand that the sculpture was erected to the glory of life itself.