The Eye That Guides Me

photographer Blaž Budja
written by Majda Širca


Does an architect understand space differently than other people? How does his gaze differ from mine? Why can he lead me to see what I cannot access unless somebody carves out an opening and reveals the real plan?


Let me tell you how I – not the shallowest fan of architecture, but definitely not an architect – was caught by Blaž Budja and his non-snapshots.


But, before I begin, I will tell you where he may have charmed you or all those who are neither from Ljubljana, nor football fans, nor thoroughly familiar with Plečnik’s opus. He must have made you wonder whether you were looking at the photographs of a dead village in Prekmurje, or a mining settlement next to a power plant, or an archive record of sociological research into suburbia and urban kitchen gardens, or from a trip to America, the set of an melodrama like Paris-Texas... In short, I am sure that it never crossed your mind while watching his photos that they originated in the very heart of Ljubljana.