Those Who Have the Land have the Political Power

architects Platforma 9,81
interviewed by Sanja Filep, Saša Begović, Tadej Glažar, Ante Nikša Bilić


Interviewed in Zagreb, January 19th 2005


Platforma 9,81 is a non-governmental organisation, a collective for architecture and media established by a group of architecture students in Zagreb in 1999.


Platforma 9,81 probes into spatial and urban phenomena in the context of political, economic, and cultural changes in Croatia. The collective has been developing new architectural practices and interdisciplinary educational networks, promoting social activism and new urban techniques through public events and mass media. It has also been studying new models of cultural production. Platforma’s activity has been recognised outside Croatia as well, and it is now active in the wider area of Europe.


Glažar: Platforma 9,81’s organisation is dynamic and different from that of other architectural offices. Platforma 9,81 is not about individuals, but a network, a group of people who come and go. Who are the people who work within Platforma 9,81? Can you tell us how it all began? Did you have a model to consult? What are the sources of your activity in the field of architecture?


Sančanin: A part of our organisation is relatively steady and consists of the Zagreb team with Damir Blažević, Ana Šilović, Antun Sevšek, Ana Boljar and Marko Sančanin and the Split team with Miranda Veljačić and Dinko Peračić. We also have a number of associates on a per-project basis. Most of them are students of architecture and young architects or people with a non-institutional cultural background who ever more actively co-author our projects as peers.