Vienna's Towers

architect Hans Hollein
written by Liane Lefaivre


Since Ikthinos designed the Parthenon with the help of the Phidian workshop, the relation between archi­tecture and sculpture has gone through many radical changes, as the exhibition and catalogue entitled ArchiSculpture by Markus Brüderlin at the Beyeler Foundation in Basle argued recently. The twentieth century offers a particularly broad range of instances of this multi-faceted, multi-layered, evol­ving relationship. What is clear from the exhi­bition is that Hans Hollein, who was part of it, was, like Malevich, Rietveld, van Doesburg, van Eesteren, Kiesler and Le Corbusier before him, among the first architects of his generation intentionally to enlist sculpture – among other arts, such as painting and collaging – as a means of rethinking architectural form, in particular that of high rise buildings.