A Boat for the Heaven

architects Miha Kerin, Majda Kregar
project A Memorial Plaque for the Victims of Fascism in Kampor on the Island of Rab , Croatia
written by Ira Zorko


To mark its fiftieth anniversary, the outstanding creation of Edvard Ravnika, the cemetery of Kampor Concentration Camp on the island of Rab, was matched by the installation of a memorial plaque featuring the names of all the 1433 victims of fascism. The plaque keeps pace with the technological innovativeness and the permanence of the existing creation. A discreetly placed 18 meter-long metal plaque hovers above the existing stone wall, fixed by a “dry method” using drilled cylinders joining the stone like wedges.  The names are inscribed into the upper part of the 5 mm layer by laser and are readable in all lighting conditions; the texture is indestructible, and needs no maintenance. A five-pointed star between the names, the symbol of resistance, is at the same time a functional part of the connecting screws in the stainless steel layer.