Café do Cais, Calém Bar

architects Cristina Guedes, Francisco Vieira de Campos
project Café do Cais i Calém Bar, Ribeira, Porto, Portugal
written by Cristina Guedes, Francisco Vieira de Campos, Luis Tavares Pereira & Pedro Gadanho


Café do Cais


Café do Cais sits on the right bank of the Douro River in the Ribeira district of Oporto. It aims to continue the logic of those provisional elements – Kiosks on the street side and boats anchored in the quays – that are a constant in this river neighbourhood.


The notion of precariousness is accentuated by the way the pavilion sits on the pavement: a raised pre-fabricated platform of 40x10 not only limits but levels the intervention with the pavilion also gently floating on it.


The building, a glass and steel pavilion sits on this platform, and protrudes on its northern facade by two boxes, as autonomous as abstract.