Lang Square - A Garage and Slightly More

architects Darko Vlahović i Branko Vučinović
project Gas station and Parking Garage, Zagreb, Croatia
written by Marijana Bojčić Kasun


Here we are – at a characteristic Zagreb location where the lower zone of Sljeme meets the urban matrix of the downtown area. From the north and from the west the location is bordered by the walls of Kaptol. A wonderful mixture of urban and rural, brought in by the green oasis of Ribnjak Park.


We are at Lang Square, the topic we are interested in, located at the border zone where four great Zagreb urban and architectural heritages meet: the slopes of Mt Medvednica ([alata, Jordanovac), the  transformed atmosphere of  Ribnjak Park, the Cathedral area and the Lower Town, and finally Novakova Street, one of the best example of the Zagreb school of modern  architecture (between the two World Wars).