Paved Perspective

architect Vjekoslav Ivanišević
project  Ban Berislavić Quay, Trogir, Croatia
written by Ante Nikša Bilić


The articulated social structure of the medieval town of Trogir can be read in its spatial organization. The town is divided into the east, or gentle, and the west, or commoner, part of the town. This can be best seen from the perspective of the town quay. Trogir is one of the few towns to have preserved its medieval appearance and the entire urban regulation, with monasteries and churches built in the Romanesque style. This is due to the fact that the town prospered most during the Middle Ages, after which development stopped. Therefore, this paradigmatic town-island is the most important collection of stone monuments along the entire eastern part of the Adriatic coast. Its squares, streets, monasteries, palaces, churches, cemetery, towers, parks, walls, wastelands and port are the silent stages on which numerous important and unimportant events took place for centuries. Its synthesis is ever-present several times over.