Space as Surface

architects Scapelab
project Čufar Square, Jesenice, Slovenija
written by Ana Kučan


Čufar Square is an ordinary triangular surface at the edge of the center and along the road of a developed town; it is bordered by two roads and lies in front of the culture center – a school, cinema, theatre and a library. It verges on the functions that generate urbanity – this fact alone makes it special, serving as an inspiration; the urban structure surrounding it is of everyday architecture and the passing of cars constitutes its everyday visual repertoire. Therefore the concept of the reconstruction of Čufar Square developed from within, from its own idea: the new landscape has determined a new context for the environment, one based on the transformation of the surface. This fact is the basis and recognizable means of landscape design. It is recognized as a sufficient condition: it is nothing but a folded asphalt surface with jets of water.