A Lighthouse for Tyrol

architects Dieter Henke, Marta Schreieck
project The Reconstruction and Extension of "Park" Hotel, Hall, Tyrol, Austria
written by Wolfgang Jean Stock


Until recently there were only three modern Alpine hotels from the 30’s that had preserved their original character. Those were Berghotel by Siegfried Mazzag in Seefeld, the Briol by Hubert Lanzinger above Eisack valley and the Drei Zinnen Hotel by Clemens Holzmeister in Sexten. There is now a fourth: due to the celebration of the 700th anniversary of the Tyrolian city of Hall a beautifully reconstructed and largely extended Park Hotel, by the Viennese architects Henke and Schreieck, was opened in July 2003. 


A Munich-born son of a stonemason from the southern Tyrol, the Bavarian-Austrian architect Lois Welzenbacher, designed and constructed the hotel in 1931. Thanks to his early dedication to the consequently modern approach to design, Welzenbacher (1889-1955) became the complete opposite of his Austrian contemporary Holzmeister.