A Shoe as Prodotto D'arte

authors Ines Jelavić, Minja Kuzmić
project Kallisté Boutique, Split, Croatia
written by Damir Rako


In Italian fashion design the notion of the shoe has traditionally occupied a special position. For decades, new trends and new trade marks have been created on the Apennine peninsula where the largest centers of European shoe production are located. For some people, this fashion fetish detail has more meaning than a simple piece of footwear and is often felt to put the final touch to someone’s individuality. 


For a very long time the women of Split have been especially “infected” by the imperative of having well-made shoes. In fact, they are notorious for being ready to spend a month’s salary on a terrific pair of attractive shoes. Hence after opening-day, the owner of any kind of shoe store in Split has to face the judgement of very sophisticated and demanding customers.