As Soft as Chocolate

architects Elastik / Mika Cimolini & Igor Kebel
project Chocolate Bar Angel, Ljubljana, Slovenia
written by Roemer van Toorn


Recently Giorgio Armani remarked about the near future in 2004: “The consumer will be more cautious and more selective, believing that luxury can be about something more than transient trends. In the future, quality, craftsmanship and a real sense of value are going to be the key factors in determining a purchase.” And Armani continues “It’s not just about what we wear, but also about where we choose to live, what car we drive, what food we eat.” Because Armani is right that we indeed desire durable, well-made pieces of design of distinctive quality, and in a country and a city with consumers of such characteristics, designers have to look for a new definition of what this luxury could be.