Catalogue of Activities

authors Šikuti Machine
written by Mladen Lučić


During my stay in Istria at the end of June, 2000, Mario Benčić, a friend from Pula, and also a Radio Pula reporter, rang me up and practically ordered me to come straightaway to the opening of some photographic exhibition in the Istrian village of Šikuti, near Savičenta (Svetvinčenat). From the cardboard Exhibition sign put up at the Šikuti crossroad, I found an old stone cottage, with a barn and a garden. There were lots of people in the garden and they were gathered around šterna (cistern), on which a buffet was served. They were all having snacks and were sipping their drinks to the sound of the “Talking Heads” in the background. The photos were loosely hanging on big nails hammered into the walls of the farm buildings.