Graz Technological Cluster - a Successful Start

architect Ernst Giselbrecht
project Headquarters of Company Roche Diagnostics, Graz, Austria
written by Maria Welzig


One of the promising development areas of the Styrian capital Graz is the Graz-West district. It has the handicap of the railway line that presents a barrier to the city center, and at the same time this city district showed all the problems and all the potentials of unused central industrial and manufacturing districts. Ever since the city started being given support by the EU urban development program this district has been a vital part of the city. Although the first step was to solve the problem of traffic links with the city, the future is anticipated by the construction of the Technical High School and above all by cultural features like the Helmut Liszt concert hall. Architecture of outstanding quality and planned landscape architecture are parts of the development program of this area.