Transparent, Unobtrusive and Expressive

architects Iva Letilović, Morana Vlahović
project POS Building, Samobor, Croatia
written by Iva Körbler


The residential building of the state subsidized social buildings program (POS) in Samobor (project 2002, realization completed in 2004), and the latest work by the  architectural duo of Iva Letilović and Morana Vlahović, who have already made a reputation for themselves, is typologically close to their POS residential building in Krapinske Toplice of 2003. However, the similarities between these two buildings do not end here: the Samobor building is also located in markedly rural surroundings in the suburbs of the town, and in a subtle way develops the theme of indigenous rural architecture with the motif of rural economy united through the building and tied in with the ground-plan.