Architecture in the Digital Age

written by Vinko Penezić, Krešimir Rogina


In Tokyo on October 3, 1990. we delivered a lecture on the topic of perception entitled From a Visual Civilisation to an Audio Tactile Culture. In that lecture we set a firm boundary between the mechanical and the electronic age and stated that man had always formed an image of reality according to his momentary needs and possibilities. There is no world beyond perception; in fact there are just as many worlds as there are perceptions. Long ago the world was really the finiteness of the two-dimensional plane, then it became a physical body – a sphere, but since those times it has become something entirely different. We fabulated that as the infinite interweaving of network systems. The lecture was given as part of the presentation of our award winning project Glass House 2001. We literally turned the topic upside-down as we proposed a glass house for a blind person, making the presently dominant visual characteristics of the material relative and privileging the audio-tactile instead.