Art Gallery

architect Vinko Peračić
project remodelling, adaptation and expansion, Split, Croatia
written by Vinko Peračić

The Art Gallery acquired the use of the former hospital building, located in the very centre of Split, after the building had already survived numerous remodelling and building interventions. For the needs of the Gallery, it was necessary to open up as much of the area of the exhibition space as possible, add an office block and resolve the problem of the storage of art works. Conservation barriers and urban planning conditions restricted the new construction to the existing building dimensions and required minimal interventions. 


The ambition of this project was to create a strong public space on the ground floor, as an expansion of the street with a cultural content. All the elements were made in such a way as to be stimulating for curators and gallery users within the context of the given use. The wings are allotted to temporary exhibitions and the central area to the generation of various cultural events. The central space is covered with a very light glass roof. It represents a place that combines the exhibition, performance, education and social functions of the gallery. Niches with specialized contents are linked to this space – projection hall, info centre, bookstore, museum store, and café bar. The entire ground floor is open in all directions and counts on the use of the outer spaces directly connected to the Gallery.