Museum of Narona

architect Goran Rako
project Museum of Narona, Vid, Croatia
written by Goran Rako

The forum is the central democratic space of the ancient city. That in Vid was below the ground for more than a thousand years. The excavated Narona testifies to a culture that with its integrating forces paved the way for the present-day Europe. The continuity has constantly been confirmed and has realised itself through the urban tissue.  We consider continuity a significant value, which enables us to comprehend   the overlapping of time and space. We are activating the archaeological space of Narona in Vid after thousand years, connecting the “cut” cord. 


In the renovating process we try to respect the diversity and the complexity of the actual. We anticipate activity that will annotate the time of the creation by the place itself. We add new elements, we change and enrich the context, we search for new life. We discard stage settings. We have chosen the urban geometry of the forum as our language. Over and over again we define the place with new interpretations. We do not freeze our idea so as to warm it up in the case of need since it is used only by the need of momentary reality. This kind of relativisation opens up various possibilities. The space of an ancient temple will be a museum today, live archaeology.