Photographs Assembled into a Journey

photographer Filip Horvat
written by Marina Viculin


I am looking at eight colored fragments of “reality” Filip Horvat once captured somewhere. I wonder whether I should verify where and when. I do not want to. It will be more interesting in this way; when the text is read the reader will know more than I do. Photographs published in Oris are signed and the reader will know the time and the place of their origin. 


My constrained and deprived position is exciting to me. The author usually knows more about the topic he or she is writing about than the reader, and I like this inverse situation. I am playing the game blindfolded, then, so as to eliminate some of the information, in order to devote my full attention to the stimuli that are left. In this instance they related to the illusion of reality.


– What is real? 


– Almost everything. These are documentary photographs.