The Space Too is Part of the Sign

written by Grozdana Cvitan


In the Atacama Desert, there are stones that have signs on them; and yet, when you lift up the stone, the upper layer peels off, and the signs turn into fragments and dust, representing a loss for both the stone and whoever has encountered the stone. How then is one to interface with this sign? This fragile inscription, a whorl, disappears on contact, and would seem to be an effect of the imagination if it were not for the next stone and the one after that, which long ago did encounter people but will no longer tolerate any fresh encounter. What and whom can one sense in this crumbling stone? Was there a message on the stone, or was it someone from the past laughing at the curiosity of the future? Well, but this too is a message. And it is not the first that we have lost, that we do not know what to do with even when we simply meet it.