A Etui for Every Day life or the Architecture of the Market

architects Wolfgang Pöschl, Peter Lorenz, Dominique Perrault ,Holz Box Tirol, Thomas Giner, Erich Wucherer, Rainer Köberl, Astrid Tshapeller
projects Mpreis Supermarkets, Tirol, Austria
written by Arno Ritter


Because of the movement of the customer, who travels through a department store like a traveller on a train passing through the landscape, this same customer will become influenced by the products in the totality of the ensemble of goods and price labels integrated into a kind of a pointillist general impression.
Wolfgang Schivelbusch


Markets are places for the distribution of goods and life nodes. They are places where different vectors and circulations of products are confronted, starting from delivery and display to the moment of purchase and the customer’s exit carrying the purchase. Thus they become places of rational and sensory communication between people and objects.