Architecture that Respects Nature

architects Henke & Schreieck Architekten
project Bene-Zumtobel, Office Pavilion, Klagenfurt, Austria
written by Vera Grimmer


What is then the meaning of the word "place".Obviously its meaning is more than an abstract localisation. In my opinion it represents a totality consisting of concrete objects of material substance, form, surface and colour. All these elements together define the "character of the environment", the essence of a place. Place, in general, exists as a certain character or an "atmosphere".
Christian Norberg- Schulz: Genius loci, Milan, Electa 1999.


Each particular place, with its atmosphere and characteristics, is the starting point of all the projects by Viennese architects Dieter Henke and Marte Schreieck. Their project for the Faculty of Economics, located in the historical city core of Innsbruck, on the one hand reacts through an urbanistic intervention by condensing town communications and on the other hand mirrors the historical buildings and the spectacular natural setting in its glass facade.