Dreamed of But Unrealized

architect Lovro Perković
project Villa "Hvar" - Not Built
written by Damir Rako


One day it will be officially announced
that what we call reality is a still
greater illusion than what we call dreams.

Salvador Dali


If today a little cove on the island of Hvar knew that long ago in 1933 an unconstructed house had been dreamed, it could well withdraw into its loneliness and swear that it will stay forever alone and untouched.


That year, Prague architecture student Lovro Per­ko­vić drew a villa named “Hvar”. There are few traces of it. Just a single page of writing and a few pages of drawings are the only elements enabling us to reconstruct the project. On-the-spot investigation is no lon­ger possible, there are no living witness, and practically no physical evidence. Our historical re­cords do not keep such drawings, and once again it is shown how faintly we inscribe the history of our area.