From Altana to Entrance

architects Matija Bevk & Vasa Perović
project House Renovation, Piran, Slovenia
written by Lena Pislak Balant


Jottings about a renovated house, as seen by the users, the inhabitants.


Down the vertical section.


1. THE ALTANA, (typical Venetian wooden roof terrace), sky, fireflies, conversations and birds that fly over low. Probably bats too, but never mind. The neighbours call it a turkey cage, but from here we can see the sea.


2. TERRACE, where there are hammocks for reading in the late afternoon or watching the faces looking up admiring from the church below to the burg. Smelling of freshly-washed clothes. Of home.


3. MAKS’S ROOM is the best when it’s raining outside and when you’re watching the storm through the tiny window. A secure nook underneath the roof, like at grandmother’s once.