architect Stjepan Planić
project Memorial Hall, Komiža, Island of Vis, Croatia
written by Ivana Haničar


It is often thought that the architect’s profession implies the production of good drawings and the construction of good buildings. Reflecting upon and remembering the quite precise thoughts more of my friends than of my professors, thoughts more of those one did not hear much from but that one could learn a lot from, it is certain that architecture implies conceiving, conceiving it well and only then making a concept a drawing.
And there is nothing else to it!

Stjepan Planić


On the west side of the island of Vis, in Komiža, a fishing village with narrow streets and stone houses, the architect Stjepan Planić (1900-1980) conceived a Memorial Hall on the site of a former gardens. This lesser known Planić work, dating back to 1964, has all the characteristics of his post-war oeuvre.