An Uninvited Guest is Also Sometimes Welcome

photographers Dražen Lapić, Petar Strmečki
written by Marina Viculin


Am I that uninvited guest? I am pretty sure I am. I am not an ordinary calm spectator at an exhibition.


And I do have some ulterior thoughts. I look at them with an impudent and penetrating eye. I watch them to see how aware they are and what they want to snap, uninvited thus in other people’s houses.


A critic? They certainly counted on one. Do I have any intention of writing a review? I am more of a watcher. Look them in the eyes, rather than at the work. And that is unexpected. That is certainly absolutely uninvited.


The cycle of photographs of interiors and the occasional exterior of rural houses is the idea and realisation of two photographers, Dražen Lapić and Petar Strmečki. Over a certain stretch of time, in areas outside the urban milieus of Croatia, they shot houses that had been designed by the regular life of the countryside.