Continuation by Other Means

architect Andreas Treusch & Nadja Sailer
project Annex and Reconstruction of the Primary School, Natorpgasse, Vienna, Austria
written by Vera Grimmer


During the 1980s, architectural magazines devoted a deal of attention to the phenomenon of “Red Vienna”, a synonym for the vigorous social and building activity under the Social Democratic municipal administration in Vienna between 1919 and 1934. Having in mind the present day total slashing of any social incentives, it does not hurt to repeat that 65,000 municipal dwellings were built in Vienna, most of them in the so called “residential courts” (Wohnhöfe). Architects Karl Ehn, Hugo Gessner, Josef Hoffman, Josef Frank and Margarethe Schütte worked for the town municipality, and the director of the development was Adolf Loos.