Interview with Pierre Restany

author Pierre Restany
interviewed by Beti Žerovc


ORIS: How do you consider yourself, as a critic or as a curator?


Restany: Critic, surely.


ORIS: In one of your interviews from the 80s you still talked about the people (Harald Szeemann, Achille Bonito Oliva, etc.), we would today call curators, as critics?


Restany: For me they can be considered as critics because they changed a lot in the international critical scene. For me Szemmann is a critic more then a curator, because all the exhibitions that he has conceived have a very strong thematic point and they are built as, let’s say, critical proposals. In Kunsthalle Bern with the exhibition When Attitudes Become Form, Szemmann wanted to prove his idea that you can express intellect through installations of objects and this is what he did. Because he gave a verification of something that was in his mind, a kind of a postulate - that we can express concept with objects.