The Naval Academy on Lapad (1952-1973)

architect Lovro Perković
project Merchant Marine Engineering School, Dubrovnik, Croatia
written by Krunoslav Ivanišin


Now, when I am retired and am reflecting upon my work, not always satisfied with the accomplished on one hand and always concerned about the treatment of my work in future on the other, I received your decision about the preventive protection of this particular work of mine, as a sign of acknowledgement of its value securing its protection today and in the future. I am particularly happy that it is happening in Dubrovnik, in a town with a rich heritage and culture, a town I exceptionally treasure and love and where I, as a citizen and councilman, felt comfortable, and where I worked, and my residence and my professional activity will thus be permanently marked by one of my acknowledged works.


While admiring the harmonious construction and works of great masters in this unique city, while absorbing the beauties of the surroundings at that stage of my professional work and activity I used to ask myself whether we, their inheritors in the development of the city, would be able to pass this exam when working side by side such great inspiration and ideals. It might be that this inspiration contributed, together with my deliberate effort and meticulous approach, to the creation of this unpretentious promotion of our contemporary architecture.

Lovro Perković, Letter to the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Property, Split and Dubrovnik, October 24, 1988