Photographic Legacy

photographer Avgust Berthold
written by  Sarival Sosič


The photographer Avgust Berthold was at work from 1904 to 1919 (he had a studio from 1905). He created a great many high quality, subjective and creative photographs, above all in the tinted gum print. His best works were done in an aesthetics marked by an expressive pictorialism, in line with the best and most modern European tendencies in photography of the time. 


The photographic legacy of Avgust Berthold includes photographs created at a high level of expression and technique. Some of the photographs that this artist sent to exhibitions are extant; these were the pinnacle of his creative work. He had the best of them framed, and they still hang today in the rooms in which he lived. The photographic work of Berthold is susceptible of a more detailed division, primarily in terms of theme and motif: landscape (intimate landscape), genre, architecture, portrait, documentary, nudes.