Siscia in situ - an Agreement Between Space and Memory

architecture Antun Diklić
project Archaeological park, Sisak, Croatia
written by Dubravka Kisić


As part of the preliminary documentation for the new design of Ban Jelačić Square in Sisak produced by the City Hall, the Zagreb Conservation Department of the Croatian Ministry of Culture carried out protective archaeological field research within the boundaries of the relevant part of the newly designed square. The conservation documentation by archaeologist Tanja Lolić gives an insight into the results of the research.


The field research covered the southwest edge of Siscia, the plan of which was generally organised as a castrum with walls that encircled an urban area of about 40 ha. The investigation revealed a town cemetery dating from the 17th to the 19th century and a remnant of city walls with an inner square tower and a horreum (granary) dating from the Roman times.