Small & Less: A Case For Assemblage

written by Nikola Polak


It will be seen that it is really hard to find out which characteristics each thing truly possesses. 
Democritus, 460-370 BC 


Baukunst? The’ bau’ is the clear building construction; while the ’kunst’ is the refinement of that and not anything more. Architecture begins when two bricks are put carefully together’.
L. Mies van der Rohe, 1950


In his work The Great Order of the World, Democritus teaches us this: the elements of everything are atoms and space, everything else is subjective opinion. When the arhe is thus sought – the beginning, the element of everything – then all the masses of beings are reduced to one, which is its basis. But for this beginning, it is essential that in terms of both subject and method nature must be understood from itself.