Temporary Structures

architect Nicola Santini & Antonio Godoli
project Temporary Structure on Laggi dei Lanzi, Firenca, Italia
written by Jelena Zanchi


“Friends of Florence” is an American foundation of well-heeled Florence fans who have financed the restoration of the sculptures located inside the Loggia dei Lanzi in the very heart of the Renaissance city. A similar example of patronage was given a few years back by one of the Florentine banks that gave the money for the restoration of the Cellini Perseus located in the same Loggia.


Part of the sum meant for the works on the restoration of the sculptures, among which is a masterpiece of late Mannerism, the Rape of the Sabines by Giambologna, was used for the design and construction of temporary structures that enabled the restorers to work unhindered in a square through which hundreds of tourists pass every day.