Emergence and Persistence in Istria

architects Aleksandra Krebel Kostrenčić, Alan Kostrenčić
project Square in Vabriga, Croatia
written by Saša Begović


...to the Greeks téchne means neither art nor handicraft but rather to make something appear within what is present ... Téchne thus conceived has been concealed in the tectonics of architecture since ancient times.


The second time I visited the village of Vabriga in Istria, situated on the road between Pore~ and Novigrad, I was filled with exactly the same feeling as the first time. A sense of wonder is common in Istria, particularly for the steady stream of visitors to the magical Istrian landscape. This is primarily because things there change very slowly and when they do, it is often almost imperceptible. However, the second time I had the experience of my previous visit and so I put myself in the role of an architectural guide. My audience was a typically starved architectural group and I was going to show them something new, a square! The group was delighted and their reaction was much like mine when I was first there.